Time Event Title Location
2:00-5:00 Registration Boren
5:00 Dinner DC
6:00 Welcome Rediger
6:10 Sarah Bessey Jesus Feminist Rediger
6:30 Micah Bournes Invisible Realities: The Burden of Seeing Clear Rediger
7:00 Austin Channing Brown Using Your Superpowers for Good Rediger
7:30 Debrief Rediger
8:00 Social Event Wheeler


Time Event Title Location
8:00 Breakfast DC
9:00 Breakout 1: Micah Bournes Creative Writing as a Spiritual Discipline Cornwall
9:00 Breakout 1: Matthew Franklin Jones Why is This So Difficult? Recital Hall
9:00 Breakout 1: Sarah Bessey Out of Sorts: Making Peace with an Evolving Faith Rediger
9:00 Panel The Power of Education & Advocacy Wheeler
10:00 Jesse Eubanks Imagination in Leadership Rediger
11:00 Nicole Baker Fulgham Striving for Justice: Ensuring all God’s Children Can Flourish Rediger
11:30 Matthew Franklin Jones Building Communities of Justice: Hospitality, Sexuality, and Social Ethics Rediger
12:00 Lunch DC
1:00 Breakout 2: Kim Phipps Forgotten Virtues: The Role of Humility and Forgiveness in a Leader’s Life Cornwall
1:00 Breakout 2: Alan Briggs What no one told me about the creative life Rediger
1:00 Panel Identity Wheeler
2:00 Debrief
2:30 Alan Briggs Working Hard or Hardly Working? Rediger
3:00 Breakout 3: Austin Channing Brown Opening Ourselves Up to a New Culture Rediger
3:00 Breakout 3: Jesse Eubanks Podcast Listening and Discussion/Q&A Cornwall
3:00 Panel Community and Creativity Wheeler
4:00 Conclusion Rediger