Tali Hairston began at Seattle Pacific University as Special Assistant to the President and founding director of The John M. Perkins Center for Reconciliation, Community Development, and Leadership Training. Leading the reformation of global and urban service programs, advising the University in its Reconciliation and Diversity Initiative, forming regional and national partnerships with scholars and practitioners in reconciliation, creating Seattle Pacific’s only pre-college outreach program, advising the ethnic-minority scholarship program, and assisting the Faculty Diversity committee in forming the Reconciliation Studies Minor Program are some of Tali’s numerous accomplishments at Seattle Pacific University. He is currently responsible for leading the educational advancement of reconciliation and community development at Seattle Pacific. His family history recounted in The Hairstons: An American Family in Black and White, scholarly training at Washington University and Fuller Seminary, and worldwide travel have transformed the way he views the world, strengthened his values, and opened his perspective and contributed to his depth of understanding in trauma healing, reconciliation, and community development. “As a speaker, lecturer, preacher, and trainer, both domestically and internationally, Hairston brings his local hands on organizational and leadership knowledge together with his theological training in reconciliation and community development.”