Skye Jethani is an award-winning author, speaker, consultant and ordained pastor. He also serves as the co-host of the popular Holy Post Podcast, a weekly show than blends astute cultural and theological insights with comical conversation. Skye is the president of Measure the Clouds, a non-profit organization helping a post-Christian generation discover a ravishing vision of life with God. He also leads SkyPilot Media which develops multimedia resources for use by churches, colleges, and community groups navigating the intersection of faith and culture.

For over a decade, Skye served in numerous editorial and executive roles at Christianity Today, a communications ministry launched by Billy Graham in 1956. His roles there included Managing and Executive Editor of Leadership Journal, Director of Mission Advancement, and Senior Producer of This Is Our City, a multi-city, multi-year project telling the stories of Christians working for the common good of their communities. He also helped CT pioneer new projects to engage younger audiences and church leaders, and he is a Featured Preacher on CT’s Preaching Today website. Skye also has a daily devotional that can be signed up for on

Skye has been a sought after consultant for groups facing challenges at the intersection of religion and society like The Lausanne Movement, The White House Office of Faith Based and Neighborhood Partnerships, and the Interfaith Youth Core. Beyond writing for Christianity Today’s publications, Skye’s work has also been featured in The Washington Post, Relevant,, The Huffington Post, and he has been quoted in The New York Times. Skye is frequently featured on radio programs around the country including Moody Radio, WORDfm in Pittsburgh, Chicago Public Radio’s Vocolo, and he has been interviewed on PBS Television. His ability to blend faith and cultural insights have made him a popular speaker at both Christian colleges like Wheaton and Taylor University, as well as secular campuses like Northwestern and the U.S. Naval Academy.

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